Remote-controlled digger from the company Bruder “Schaeff HR16” model


Turn on and set off! Fun and games guaranteed!

Including a FM radio remote control.

This robust tracked digger from the company Bruder “Schaeff HR16” is manufactured of high-quality and weatherproof plastic. The model is modified, so that it is actuated by 6 servos. The track drive servos and the servo to turn the body construction are modified so that they can turn endlessly.
The heart of the digger is a control system which controls the boom authentically. In this way it works very similarly to a hydraulics digger.
The drive servos are operated directly through a cross mixer during operation of the paddles so that they turn the steering forward, backwards or counter rotational.
The crawler excavator is extremely suitable for sand pit use. It can move sand as well as small stones.
The digger is powered by four AAA-accumulators.

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The digger can:


  • drive forwards and reverse.     
  • steer to the left and right.
  • move the boom and the bucket separately or simultaneously.
  • turn the cabin endlessly in both directions (until the wires are sheared off  (J)).
  • Drive the dozer blade up and down, depending on the mode.

Choice can be made between drive or digger mode by a switch on the remote control.
In this way, through the 4 channels, the 6 servo can be controlled (in each case) in both directions.

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Drive mode:

The dozer blade is up, it can be driven.
The lifting and lowering of the boom still functions in spite of the mode so that one can support oneself in order to overcome obstacles. Operating the bucket and turning the body construction is not possible.

Digger mode:
The dozer blade goes down so that and the drive tracks are switched off.
Now, one can move the bucket and boom and turn the body.

The digger can be used with other remote-controlled vehicles simultaneously: if it receives interfering signals, it stops its function until it gets explicit impulses again.

Technical data:
Ratio:          1:16
Height:       195 mm
Length:      245 mm (boom retracted)
Length:      355 mm (boom extended)
Width:        102 mm
Weight:      381 g

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